JN6 Game Files FYI
There are three files associated with the game: Recorded Round, Saved Game & Saved Shot.

Recorded Round
Purpose Allows offline players to play along with another players recorded round using the same golf course and pin number.
Scope A recorded round can be saved for online or offline games. If played online, it will only record your round and not your playing partners.
Enabling and Saving Click on Preferences from the main game menu then click on the General tab. Place a check in the box for Recorded Golfer Rounds and click OK (Illustration below left). Upon completion of your round the Save Recorded Golfer dialog will appear (see below). You can use the filename provided or rename it to suit your purpose. Click Save to finish. The default location is the Saved Files folder of your JN6 installation.


Playing With A Recorded Round
From the Setup Game menu, click on the Golfers tab. In the scroll box on the left side of the screen is the golfer selection window.
There are three types of golfers:
1)  Human Golfers
2)  Computer Golfers
3)  Recorded Golfers

Scroll to the bottom of the window to see the Recorded Golfers and click on the + to expand the list.

IMPORTANT: The recorded round you want to play with must be located in the Saved Files folder of your JN6 installation. Click on the recorded golfer you want to play with then click the Add Golfer button. If you set the correct course and playing conditions you are ready to Start Game.

Saved Game
Purpose Saves the scorecard for all golfers who played the round and also allows for verification of course and playing conditions for tournament play.
Scope Saving a Game file is only available for offline rounds.
Saving Upon conclusion of your round when the scorecard is showing, right click and from the options listed select Save Game (illustration below left). This action will bring up the Save File dialog box (see below). You will be prompted for a filename. It should include your name, event or course name, round #, and score.
Example: Joe_Masters_rnd1-62.
GBC will add the .game extension. Click Save to finish, and once again make note of where the file is saved.


Saved Shot
Purpose Saves every frame of a particular shot so you can view it again and even post it for other cyber golfers to view.
Scope Saving a Shot file can only be done in-game immediately after the shot was made.
Saving If the shot you want to save resulted in a hole out then click the SMART REPLAY button from the the Last Shot dialog box. Otherwise press the "R" key after the shot to bring up the Replay options window. From there click the Save Shot button. Enter a filename for your shot and click Save.