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My Favorite C=64 Games List

The Commodore 64 PC was first sold in 1982 by Commodore Business Machines. It came with 64 KB of RAM plus 20 KB ROM. The video chip allowed for 16 colors and a maximum resolution of 320x200 pixels. It also had an impressive sound chip for creating and playing sound effects and music. These days I can play my old favorites using the Vice Emulator. This game was created and published by MicroProse back in 1987. It is best described as a strategy simulation. The player has a number of missions to choose from with four different levels of difficulty. The player is parachuted into enemy territory and then has to make their way to the target zone all the while trying to stay alive, complete the mission and be air lifted out before time expires.
Beach-Head is a video game developed and published in 1983 by Access Software. The player is in command of a naval operation to destroy an enormous gun-emplacement to win the game. To succeed the player needs to survive torpedo, aerial and naval bombardments, deploy the tanks, evade or destroy the beach defenses to reach the final game screen Beyond Castle Wolfenstein is a single-player World War II stealth game released by Muse Software in 1984. The player is given the mission to blow up Der Fuhrer who is located on the third level of his bunker in Berlin. To succeed the player must find the bomb and other necessary items, traverse their way to where Hitler is, set the bomb and escape before the bomb explodes.
Card Sharks is a card-playing game for the Commodore 64 developed and published by Accolade in 1988. The player is given the choice to play poker, hearts, or blackjack and choose from six computer players to play against. Three of these NPC's are political figures from the time of this game: Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan. Very entertaining game. Gunship is a fairly realistic combat flight simulation developed and published by MicroProse in 1986. In the game, players control the AH-64 Apache helicopter. Players are given missions of varying scenarios and difficulty to attack enemy targets and protect friendly forces at four trouble spots around the world.
Elite is a non-Newtonian space flight, space trading and combat simulation, utilizing wireframe bitmap graphics. It was originally released in 1984. Players are given a rudimentary equipped ship, the Cobra MkIII (pictured above). The object was to earn credits by buying goods and then selling them at other worlds at a profit, with which to equip their ship to better survive attacks from pirates. Elite in-game action: Coriolis and Dodecahedron stations, Krait, two attacking pirates, Sidewinder, Python trader, Transporter, and a Fer-de-Lance with missile locked on.

Today I play the modern remake of Elite: Oolite
My Oolite Page
Law of the West is a 1985 graphic adventure set in the American Old West developed by Accolade. The player is the sheriff and the objective is to survive until sunset. It is conversation driven and from the four choices provided, the player can determine how the different characters you encounter will react. Some will be looking to gun you down and others will offer helpful information. Raid Over Moscow is a computer game by Access Software released for the Commodore 64 in 1984. The player has to stop three Soviet nuclear attacks on US cities. The player begins by piloting their ship out of space dock, then fly to the launch site in Russia, survive the trip to the missile silos and blow them up before the city is destroyed. The player then proceeds to Moscow to destroy the nuclear facility located there.
Legacy of the Ancients is a single-player fantasy role-playing video game published by Electronic Arts in 1987. The player, a poor shepherd boy, finds a dead body and takes from it several strange items, one of which is the immensely evil Wizard's Compendium. After picking up these items the Galactic Museum appears. He finds his way inside where he learns he is next in line of adventurers to find a way to destroy the Compendium. Pool of Radiance is a role-playing video game developed by Strategic Simulations in 1988 which was adapted from TSR's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. The player starts by building a party of up to six characters, deciding the race, gender, and class of each. A successful party might include Fighters, Clerics, Magic Users, and Thieves. The party is then given a commision from the city council of Phlan to clear areas of the city of monsters and eventually identify and destroy the evil entity controlling them. More POR Stuff.