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January 5, 2023
Putin tells Erdogan: Ukraine must accept loss of territories for there to be dialogue
British PM Neville Chamberlain allowed Germany to annex Austria and then negotiated away Czechoslovakia. This he did to appease Hitler and avert another war in Europe. How well did that work? You cannot believe anything coming out of Russia.

January 3, 2023
Republicans move to retain Jan. 6 committee documents
Had House Republicans the majority in 2021 there would have been no investigation. The events of that inglorious day would have been swept under the rug.

December 18, 2023
North Korea tests high-thrust solid-fuel engine for apparent ICBM development
The people of North Korea live in fear every day of their lives because of the Kim dynasty. Fortunate Americans, when you gather to celebrate Christmas this year, give a thought to those here and around the world who are not so well off. Those who are made to deal with the deprivation of basic necessities while their leaders are warm, sheltered and well fed. Or those who are threatened with imprisonment and death for fighting for a better existence for themselves and their countrymen.

December 8, 2022
Vladimir Putin acknowledges Russia's war in Ukraine is taking longer than he expected
His ‘Special Military Operation’ has killed thousands of civilians. Those still alive he has made to suffer in the cold and dark. The overall reaction to this in the USA is apathy.

November 23, 2022:
Pompeo says head of teacher’s union is the 'most dangerous person in the world'
He doesn’t really believe this. Politicians of both parties sometimes make the most ridiculous claims. Why? In Mr. Pompeo's case he is appealing to a certain audience. Look for him to join the GOP field for the 2024 Presidential nomination.

November 18, 2022
Storming Capitol was 'really stupid,' Oath Keeper testifies
This group are no patriots and, contrary to what some people are saying, they were not treated unfairly. They treated unfairly the people's house, those defending it and some of those conducting the people's business inside it.

November 12, 2022:
Adrian Fontes is elected Arizona secretary of state, beating election denier Finchem
The 'Big Lie' failed again. The plan to possibly overturn future elections by endorsing candidates to positions of power. We can thank the majority of American voters who rejected it at the ballot box.

November 1, 2022:
A conservative scholar looks to define — and defeat — 'Christian nationalism'
Our Founding Fathers were wise when they crafted the first amendment to the constitution to keep church and state separate. But now there's a movement in America that thinks otherwise. I have two words for them: Afghanistan and Iran.

October 26, 2022:
Putin monitors practice launches by Russia's nuclear forces
Putin, the well documented liar, claims that Russia would use nuclear weapons only if the west launched a first strike. He has since amended that statement saying "Russia could adopt US preemptive strike concept." The US preemptive strike doctrine doesn't include the use of nuclear weapons.

October 18, 2022:
Iran agrees to ship missiles, more drones to Russia
And just yesterday Iranian officials swore up and down they hadn’t sold suicide drones to Putin.

October 10, 2022:
Putin calls the attack on a key bridge to Crimea a terrorist act
This hypocrisy from the man who has been ordering attacks on Ukrainian civilians from the start of his 'Special Operation'. American media personalities who speak well of Putin are without honor.

September 30, 2022:
Putin illegally annexes Ukraine land; Kyiv seeks NATO entry
Vladimir Putin is a dire threat to global security. Even many of his own people know that.

September 17, 2022:
Ukraine says victims from Izium mass grave show signs of torture
Putin stated his purpose for invading Ukraine was to liberate it from a Nazi regime running the country, yet it is his forces that are acting like the Nazi’s of WW2. One thing you can count on autocrats for: They all lie.

September 8, 2022:
How Are The Proud Boys, QAnon And The Oath Keepers Connected?
What are the Proud Boys proud of? What oath have the Oath Keepers taken?

September 4, 2022
Justice Alito’s views on religious faith cloud the neutrality of the Supreme Court
He talked at length about the persecution of Christians during the Roman Empire but made no mention of the thousands of heretics who perished during the Papal Inquisition and the latter Protestant Reformation.

August 29, 2022:
Graham predicts 'riots in the streets' if Trump prosecuted over classified docs
Senator Graham dare not say what he privately believes regarding the Mar-a-Lago seizure. He is doing damage control... a campaign talking point. It is of utmost importance his party win back control of Congress in November.

July 27, 2022:
Marjorie Taylor Greene to GOP: 'We Should Be Christian Nationalists'
The Pledge of Allegiance has the words "One nation under God", not "One nation under one religion", followed by "With liberty and justice for all."

July 23, 2022:
Russia strikes Ukraine's Black Sea Port of Odesa hours after grain deal signed
This is the problem making deals with dictators. British PM Neville Chamberlain signed a pact with Adolf Hitler that der Fuhrer broke almost before the ink had dried.