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JN6 Season Play

JN6 Season Play Setup

Want to participate and have your name listed on the Money Leaders table?

1) Rename the file names.txt to names_backup.txt, located in the Data folder of your JN6 installation.
2) Right click on the link below and choose Save link as...
3) Point the download to your JN6 Data folder and click Save. This file contains names of current PGA and Champions Tour professional golfers.

Season Editor:
1) Under the Game tab choose Season Play, then click Setup Season.
2) Enter a name for the Season.
3) For Opponent Handicap choose Similar (+/-2) from the drop down list.
4) Remove tick from Require Qualifying Round.
5) Click the Add button to add tournaments to the season.
6) Per Season Event Master on this page, choose course from the drop down list.
7) Per Season Event Master, check box for Major Tournament.
8) Black tees only.
9) Enter the following in the boxes provided:

  • Golfers in Group: 1
  • Number of Rounds: 2
  • Cut Round: 1
  • Size of Cut: 30 (top 30 advance to round 2)

10) Choose the following from the drop down lists for Course / Weather Conditions:

  • Pin Number: Change Each Round
  • Wind: Per Season Event Master
  • Course Conditions: Random Each Round
  • Fog: Per Season Event Master

11) Click OK to add tournament.
12) Repeat steps 5 through 11 to complete the season.
13) To finish, click OK then click Start Game.
14) To save, right click (or X key) and select Save Game.
15) Name and Save your season.

Season Event Master
Course Major Wind Fog
Kapalua Plantation No Medium Clear
PGA West Palmer Private No Medium Clear
Pebble Beach GL 2002 No Medium Random
Bay Hill Vs2 No Medium Clear
Doral Country Club No Medium Clear
The Woodlands Tournament Course No Medium Clear
Augusta National 2003 Yes Random Clear
Harbour Town GL 2001 No Medium Random
TPC Sawgrass - Players Stadium No Medium Clear
Shinnecock GC 2004 Yes Random Clear
Carnoustie Golf Links Yes Random Random
Firestone South No Medium Clear
Merion East Yes Random Clear
East Lake Golf Club No Medium Clear
Royal Melbourne Composite No Medium Clear

Season Play Tips

It is not necessary to schedule the entire season in one sitting.
1) Load your season from the Saved Game and Shots menu.
2) Bring up the Scorecard and click on the Season button.
3) This will launch the Season Editor which you can use to Add or Edit tournaments.
4) Click OK when you are finished and Save your season before exiting the game.

You can continue an in-progress season from the Saved Game and Shots menu.
There are no deadlines to complete tournaments. Play at your own pace.
Email, or post on the forum, your winnings for the Money Leaders table.