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Galen Geier

Ham Hoc Tours Course Depot

Course Name Course Type Location Designer(s) Release Date
The Ridge @ Stone Ranch Fictional Unspecified Robyn Stones 2000
The TPC @ Harolds' Glen Fictional Unspecified Robert Wager 2000
The TPC @ St Peters Fictional Australia Jason Langer 2006
Thunder Bay Golf Club Fictional Michigan, USA Chris Furgerson 1999
TPC at Myrkwood Fictional Middle Earth Earl Reichert 2000
TPC at Tumbleweed Fictional Unspecified JN Community 1999
TPC World Championship Fictional Unspecified Jimmie L 2005
Turilliam Country Club Fictional New York, USA Geoff Stanek 1999
Twin Falls G. & C.C. Fictional Unspecified Peter Stamp 2000
Up & Down Country Park Fictional Unspecified KF Baker 1999
ValliGlen Golf Club Fictional Oregon, USA Craig Liddle 2000
Verboten Fictional Unspecified Warren Stephens 1999
Vigevano Santa Martretta Real Rendition Italy Andrea Cavallari 2000
Waikalakei No. 2 Fictional Hawaii, USA Jason Langer 1999
Wampum Woods C.C. Fictional New England, USA Scott Borgeois 2000
Watershed Hollow Fictional British Columbia, CA Clayton Newman 2002
Wayward Island (Mtn. Course) Fictional Unspecified Dave Evick 1999
Whispering Pines G.C. Fictional Alberta, CA John Anderson 1999
Winding Bruck Park C.C. Fictional Unspecified KF Baker 2006
Xanadu Fictional Unspecified Philip Hardy 2002
Yucca Valley Fictional California, USA Jimmie L 2003